About Us

Bringing to your doorstep what YOU want at an Amazing price

WE make/source/offer and YOU buy – NO middle man (Future of Retail)

  • WE study what YOU want                               2 we find it
  •  WE find it                        3 WE Make it better
  •  WE make it better      4. We neg price quality and delivery
  •  WE produce, negotiate price, quality, and freight         5 We list the product at an Amazing price


  • WE list the product at an Amazing price           6 you buy iyt fufilment by AMAZON        


  • YOU buy it; Fulfillment by Amazon     7 yOU GET THE PACKAGE AND TELL US ABOUT IT
  • YOU open the package and tell us about it    

  • WE – personally attend to YOUR customer service via Amazon and YOU can also message or contact us and WE will respond within 24 hours. WE listen because that is whatYOUwant.    


What makes us different?

-  Top management is personally involved in every sourcing / production decision and we are looking for the best price and quality (value) as well as the market trends for any product we purchase or make. Our management live in China and we are able to grasp YOUR market needs and source or make the products at the best price with our Chinese professionals. We have ongoing partnership relationships with several factories.


 - We perform a pre-shipment inspection at the factory in China using International AQL Quality standards for ALL purchases and we can make the test results available.

8.2 wHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT Preshipment inspection 

 - We have developed a freight model from China to USA/Canada with Amazon FBA fulfillment centers in the most efficient manner. The entire process is automated with Amazon’s system. We save costs - by designing all packaging in color boxes for online sales. The color gift box package just big enough to contain the product instead of large retail boxes.  This saves freight costs. We share these cost savings with you.

8.3 wHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT - Freight Model

 All our products are shipped from the USA/Canada/UK/EU from an Amazon Fulfillment center so you can get delivery asap. No surprises at your cart check out time of 15 to 30 day deliveries from China. Our delivery method is the most efficient in terms of cost and YOUR customer satisfaction.


Your opinions and customer experience are very important to us. Any negative customer rating (1 or 2) we analyze as best possible with the information YOU provide and product samples. We do a root cause and have a quality feedback system. If you contact us via the Amazon communication process we can give you a report as to our investigation.

 8.5  wHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT YOUR customer opinon

- As expected WE adhere to all Amazon Policies including NO HASSLE RETURNS.WE have the philosophy based on customer satisfaction and a direct honest relationship with YOU and WE list the product adhering to prescribed quality standards and providing to YOU delivery and value at a lower cost.

8.6  wHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT NO Hassle Returns


Our company is a USA/Canada UK/EU based Hong Kong enterprise focusing on the USA/Canada UK/EU Amazon Marketplace. Our management lives in China and Hong Kong and is actively involved with sourcing / making products that YOU want.

WE know what YOU want based on online website sales in the USA/Canada UK/EU. We study the numbers. We study YOUR comments.

WE realize, that we must excel in everything WE do so WE can... bring to your doorstep what YOU want at an Amazing price

9 Bring to doorstep for YOU at Amazing price

WE Thank YOU for your consideration.